Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can join the University of Nairobi Pension Scheme?


All University of Nairobi staff on permanent and pensionable terms of employment are automatic members of the Scheme.

Is membership compulsory?

Yes, membership is compulsory for all eligible employees who join the Employer.

When can I join the Scheme?


A person becomes a member of the Scheme automatically immediately they are employed by the University of Nairobi on permanent and pensionable terms.

How do I register as a member of the Scheme?


To register the Scheme members must complete the Registration Form for membership. This form can be downloaded from this website or collected from the Scheme’s offices at UNIPEN Flats Block A, 3rd Floor situated at Hurlingham Shopping Centre. All members must ensure they fill the registration forms available and attach all the necessary documents and return them to the Scheme, so that a personal file can be opened for them.

If I join the UNPS, what about pension benefits I have accrued elsewhere?


The Scheme can accept transfers of benefits accrued from other approved pension arrangements. Members joining the University of Nairobi from other entities with pension schemes and would like to transfer their benefits to UNPS 2007 can instruct their former employers to do so.

What is the member’s Contribution rate?


Members are required to pay Scheme contributions of 10% of their Basic Salary. Contributions are deducted from member’s salary in monthly installments from the University (Sponsor) and are paid in to their Member Account in the Scheme.

What is the Employer Contribute rate into the Scheme?


The Employer pays an amount equal to 20% of members’ Basic Salary

Why are members are encouraged to contribute more than 10% for higher benefits?


These payments are known as Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) and are a tax efficient way of providing extra retirement income. Members can start paying AVCs on joining the Scheme or at any other time.


Currently the law allows members a tax-free amount of up to KShs 20,000 per month on their normal contributions and any additional voluntary contributions. Any contributions above KShs 20,000 are tax deductible.


Nomination of Beneficiary Forms


Attached to the members’ registration forms are the ‘Nomination of Beneficiaries forms’. Members are advised to complete the nomination of beneficiaries’ form and update them regularly so that in the event of death it makes it easier for benefits to be processed and disbursed to their beneficiaries. Nomination of beneficiary forms are available at the Scheme offices and can be downloaded from this Scheme’s website.

What benefits does the Scheme offer?


The benefits of the Scheme are comprehensive and may include:


a) Retirements benefits