Management Structure


The UNPS 2007, like any other retirement benefits scheme, operates under the new legal environment created by the Retirement Benefits Act, 1997. The law requires every Scheme to appoint Trustees, Auditors, Scheme Administrator, Fund Custodian and Fund Manager. The Scheme Administrator may be outsourced, just like the Fund Manager or the Fund Custodian, or may be a full-time employee of the Scheme. In the case of UNPS 2007 the Scheme Administrator is a full-time employee and not an outsider.


Besides the Scheme’s own Rules provide for the Scheme's management structure. At the apex is the Board of Trustees, which is the policy organ of the Scheme. The Board is elected in such a manner as to represent the University of Nairobi, which is the Scheme’s Sponsor, teaching staff, non-teaching staff.


The following is the current membership of the Board of Trustees: -


1. Mr. M. Adala - Chaiman and Trusee representing Non-Teaching Staff

2. Prof. P. M. F. Mbithi - Trustee representing Council                     

3. Mrs. P.C.C. Koske - Trustee representing Council  

4. Dr. S. Advani - Trustee representing Council                 

5. Prof. G. A. O. Magoha - Trustee representing Teaching Staff
6. Dr. S. W. LuketeroTrustee representing Teaching Staff   
7. Dr. G. Kiringa - Trustee representing Non-Teaching staff


The term for Dr. W. Nyangena and Prof. P. G. O. Weke - Teaching member representative Trustees, came to an end on 6th October 2015, and 6th May 2016 respectively, after both having served two full terms. Pursuant to the Schemes Trust Deed and Rules and in line with the Trustees Appointment and Elections Policy, elections for teaching member trustees was conducted and Prof. G. A.O. Magoha replaced Dr. Nyangena while Dr. S. W. Luketero replaced Prof. Weke as Trustees representing the Teaching Staff in the University. Both will serve a period of three (3) years.