Withdrawal Benefits (Resignations/ Terminations)


  •   These are payable whenever members either resign or their services are terminated. Cases for members who withdraw from the Scheme after attaining 50 years are treated as normal retirement.


  •   Members who are less than 50 years can be paid all the employee contributions and 50% of the employer’s contribution plus accrued interest. The remaining 50% employer’s portion is payable to them once they attain age 50.


  •   Members who are permanently relocating outside the country, can be paid their entire benefits but they have to show prove of permanent relocation.


  •   Members who are joining another employer who has a pension scheme may request for transfer of their benefits to the pension scheme of their new employer.


  •   Exiting members’ who have an individual scheme, can also request for transfer of their entire benefits to their individual Scheme.