Scheme's Panel of Professionals

Attached find the scheme's prequalified panel of professionals as per Rule 12 of the Rules and Procedures for utilizing a portion of benefits to purchase a residential house which states that;


(i) The trustees shall pre-qualify a panel of valuers and advocates to offer valuation and legal services respectively, to a member who has applied to purchase of a residential house under these rules;

(ii) A member shall select a valuer or advocate from the professionals enlisted on the scheme's panel at their own cost;

(iii) Where a member has obtained additional financing; the valuer and the advocate appointed by the institution may suffice; subject to approval of the Trustees.


Pension members applying to access the 40% accrued benefit for purchase of a residential house are advised to select valuers and advocates from the prequalified list attached.




For further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the UNPS staff.


Mrs. Alyela

Scheme Administrator