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Joe Ogutu's golden years

Joe Ogutu
Joe Ogutu  Photo/Courtesy


He had a feverish calendar. He had hours that felt that they were constantly melting into each other the moment he swung his legs from the bed. He had people who knocked on his door and sat across his desk with notepads and creased brows.

Scheme's Panel of Professionals

(i) The trustees shall pre-qualify a panel of valuers and advocates to offer valuation and legal services respectively, to a member who has applied to purchase of a residential house under these rules;

(ii) A member shall select a valuer or advocate from the professionals enlisted on the scheme's panel at their own cost;

(iii) Where a member has obtained additional financing; the valuer and the advocate appointed by the institution may suffice; subject to approval of the Trustees.


Trustee Election- End of campaign period

The Trustee online election for one Trustee to represent the Academic Staff is tomorrow, 14th April 2022 starting from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Today, therefore marks the end of the campaign period. The candidates and their agents are advised to stop any campaigns by 11.59 p.m. today, 13th March 2022. Any violation may lead to disqualification.

The link for the online voting will be sent to members by the end of today.